The Global Chip Shortage: What It Is, And How It Happened

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By now, you’ve been affected by the global chip shortage directly or indirectly. We’re two plus years into the global chip shortage, and the end is not close. It is affecting most major industries across the globe, due to major strains on supply chains and massive increase in demand. So, what is it? The global […]

Microsoft issues urgent security update

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If you are reading this on a Windows computer, first open your Start menu, type “update”, then check for and install all available updates. Now that you can rest assured your computer is safe, let’s talk about PrintNightmare. Windows computers can share printers with devices on the same network, and that’s a great feature, but […]

Announcement regarding Ontario State of Emergency

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First and foremost, thank you for being a valued client or future client of Dunham Connect. We appreciate working with all of our partners especially during these ever changing and challenging times. Ontario has declared a state of emergency requiring people to stay at home whenever possible. Non-essential businesses and schools are being forced to […]

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