Remote Workplace Solutions

Remote Workplace Solutions

More and more organizations have employees who work outside the traditional workplace. Sometimes this has been planned for in advance, however often it is a reaction to events outside of the organization’s control, and therefore, hastily executed.

When an employee works remotely, the devices they use, the way they connect to the Internet and your corporate data are all different. With the proper tools and practices, workers can be every bit as efficient when they work remotely as when they work ‘at the office’. More importantly, your corporate data can be just as secure.

How We Help

The Dunham Group can assist you in developing a mobile worker strategy including security and productivity. Some of the services which can assist include the following:

  • Home network security threat assessment
  • Managed desktop/laptop. We can keep an eye on all devices inside and outside of your office to ensure they are updated/secure and running at peak performance.
  • Office 365 migration
  • Video conferencing
  • Shared file storage
  • Google Apps migration
  • VPN setup
  • Cloud backup
  • Training

Options Abound

We have been assisting companies in enabling employees to work remotely for many years. The evolution of digital technology has greatly improved our abilities. Today there are more tools than ever, and it’s difficult for decision-makers to know what option is best for their organization and most user-friendly for their staff. Cost, security, familiarity, and ease of use are all factors that must be weighed.

We will work with you to evaluate your situation, taking into account connectivity requirements and remote internet capabilities. We can recommend and provide solutions such as computers, routers, VPN options, and cloud storage.

Our recommendations will always combine best practices for both productivity and security. Find out more about security for remote workers.

We are compliant with various policies including the The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard defined by the PCI SSC. To read more about how we ensure that our clients are protected, please refer to our Compliance Policy Page.

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