Microsoft issues urgent security update

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If you are reading this on a Windows computer, first open your Start menu, type “update”, then check for and install all available updates. Now that you can rest assured your computer is safe, let’s talk about PrintNightmare. Windows computers can share printers with devices on the same network, and that’s a great feature, but PrintNightmare lets a hacker use printer sharing to access your files.

The saving grace is that a hacker needs to be on your network. The scary truth is that most Wi-Fi and networks aren’t secured well. Some Wi-Fi passwords are handed out like candy, or are easily found. Up until you install all your Windows updates (in particular KB5004945) every single windows computer in your business would happily cooperate with a hacker if they get onto your network.

If you have any questions about the security of your network, please run your Windows Updates, and call us. We can help.

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