Why migrate to the AWS cloud?

AWS Migration

So your servers need replacing?

You have three basic options moving forward:

  1. Upgrade your current servers
  2. Put your data on the cloud
  3. Some combination of on-premises and cloud

If you want to go the traditional route and keep your data on-premises, there is a significant capital expenditure right off the bat. You will have to pay for all of the hardware you need upfront. As well,  you have to estimate the needs of the company for the foreseeable future. You have to overprovision so if there is unpredicted demand you will have the capacity. This means that you are paying for space you might not use.

Keeping your data on the AWS cloud allows you to only pay for what you need with no upfront expenditures. As your needs fluctuate, the servers can be spun up or shut down, so you are only paying for what you use. The limitations of on-premises storage do not exist. Taking the guesswork out of provisioning allows your company to be more agile.

Storage on the AWS cloud allows for you data to have high availability and durability. If an on-premises server goes down, companies will experience interruptions and productivity will suffer. With the AWS cloud, your data is highly available meaning that wherever you have an internet connection, your data is 99.99% available.

If your company has restrictions on where your data can be stored, AWS can be set up to make sure it resides in the jurisdiction of your choosing.

Migrating Services

Moving on-premises servers to the cloud can be tricky, which is why The Dunham Group has made it our mission to make the transition as hassle-free as possible. We will make all the necessary provisions to keep all your data secure and intact throughout the migration process. We are your partner for migrating to the AWS Cloud.


As a Select Tier Partner of AWS, The Dunham Group will be able to consult, migrate and maintain your cloud experience.  If you have an interest in bringing some, or all of your business to the AWS cloud, ask one of our IT experts. We will consult with you to see what option is best for your company.

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