Public Sector

The Dunham Group has a long history of working with public sector clients, it is a cornerstone of our business. Many clients have chosen us because of total and complete transparency and accountability which is highly valued in this sector.

Our aim is to help:

Working with public sector organizations generally requires specific procedure and documentation. Our in-house team has the knowledge and knowhow to efficiently navigate these requirements.

Information Technology Standards

Governments increasingly require projects to conform to pre-set technology standards. These standards can change, year over year and from province to province which is why it is important to have a technology partner like the Dunham Group who can navigate these requirements and provide solutions that comply with the standards of the organization while also keeping an eye on the future.

Data Storage

Cloud data storage can be tricky as many affordable data centres reside outside of Canada which can be a non-starter for some organizations. With the Dunham Group and our partnerships, we can utilize high availability, fault-tolerant, disaster recovery and secure cloud storage within Canada.


We are willing to comply with most procurement request to ensure transparency within your organization. Our skillset and competitive pricing make us an attractive partner.


WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance

When building a website, designing and coding play an important role in accessibility. Which is why we build all our public sector sites to comply with the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines. If you are a private or non-profit organization with 50+ employees; or a public sector organization, all the content posted on your website after January 1, 2021, must meet these standards.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

When architecting any systems, it is imperative that all personal data is secure. Which is why the Dunham Group makes it a top priority to comply with PIPEDA when people’s personal data is being collected, used or stored.