Computer and network backup systems

Computers crash, servers crash—do you feel safe?

A good backup is like a safety net. If you fall there is something there to make your landing soft.

Our backup solutions are designed to work with one computer, a hundred computers, a single server or a cluster of servers. It is 100% scalable to your needs.

We provide computer and network backup services for clients in Hamilton, Brantford, Simcoe, St. Catharines, Niagara, and surrounding areas.

Onsite backups

If you prefer to keep you data close at hand we can provide you a comprehensive onsite backup solution. With all backup solutions there should be some offsite component to ensure that in the event of a fire or theft your data is safe.

Offsite backups

Theft, flood, fire and other unfortunate incidents destroy businesses every day. While buildings and computers can be replaced, data cannot. An offsite backup ensures that your data will be there when you need it.

Whether you want to store all of or just the really important accounting data offsite we can accommodate. Whether you have 1mb or 1 terabyte worth of data we can show you how to safely and effectively backup to our secure facilities.

Common operating systems/applications

Optimized for fast offsite backup

Highest security standards